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Wycliffe Bible Trans.
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Clif and Roxanne joined Wycliffe Bible Translators in 1982. In 1984 they began work in Papua New Guinea (PNG), located in the South Pacific just north of Australia. In partnership with the Amphlett people, they are translating the Bible into Gumawana the language spoken on Papua New Guinea’s Amphlett Islands. They are also involved in literacy so that the people will be able to read the Scriptures for themselves.

A Note from the Missionaries: If you look at your translation of the Bible, you will notice, depending on your Bible, all kinds of other information that is found on each page. For example, my study Bible has an outline for each book, an introduction, section headings, cross-references listed, pages with background information on certain cultural concepts, notes on various key terms, footnotes explaining certain passages and at the end of the book, there is a glossary listing all the "big" words and their meanings. These are marked in the text with a bolded dot next to the word. The glossary is followed by an index of topics and then numerous maps.

All these things are also part of our translation. I have to decide where the section headings go and what to put for each. I write an introduction and produce an outline for each book. I then go over them with people in the village to get their input and lots of changes are made there as well. As we are translating together we decide if something needs to be footnoted. We have a glossary that was started years ago. Tomasi has written the explanation of many of the key words found there.

This time over in PNG I will be talking with them further about how to mark all this in the text. I show them lots of other Bibles and what people have done to give them some ideas. One thing I learned recently was that their Bibles should have gold edging. I'm thinking to myself that such a thing would be a waste of money. But I was told that cockroaches don't like the stuff, so they are less likely to eat the books. They don't have a safe place to store books, so most books get damaged very quickly by cockroaches and other little critters. In fact, I once found a termite who had chewed a hole through my Hebrew Bible! He was somewhere in the Psalms when I found him. The Word of God was literally his food!