Rocky Malloy first experienced the unique anointing of the Holy Spirit at Calvary Chapel in 1986. As a result, he rededicated his life to Christ and began attending the School of Evangelism, San Diego. He left for the Sandinista/Contra war zone in 1989 on the Honduran/Nicaraguan border to assist with a church sponsored mission to the Moskito Indians. Here, he met his wife Joske, a Dutch nurse working with Nicaraguan refugees. In 1995, Rocky and Joske Malloy traveled to Santa Cruz, Bolivia with a dream from God to see entire nations reached with the good news of Jesus and trained in the Word of God.  In 1996, they started River of Life Church as a movie theater to utilize the free advertisement local newspapers gave theatres.  The free Christian movies drew the masses.  After the movie, an altar call was given followed by worship and biblical teaching.  Within 6 months average weekly attendance had grown to over 1,000.  People traveled from all over to hear the Good News and be set free.  In first years of the church over 50,000 confessed Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.  By anyone’s standards we’re talking about a serious harvest!
But there was a problem.  God had given Rocky the dream to disciple nations.  Rocky began to seek the Lord for a new strategy and was led to the book of Acts.  In Acts 19:9-10 it says that Paul taught the Gospel to ALL of Asia from a school.  That was it!  The public school system is one of the largest existing networks in any country and nearly all of society passes through the schoolhouse.  By teaching Jesus in the public schools, we have the potential to see entire nations transformed!
They created and published a complete set of textbooks (grades K-12) based on Biblical principles and values including the plan of salvation. This program is now being used in Bolivia, Chile, Panama, Paraguay, Guatemala and Ecuador. Today operations are expanding throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.  Teachers are being certified, parents are being equipped, and students are being trained in the Word of God through an accredited curriculum.  With the power of God and your partnership, we will see an entire continent transformed!  God has also opened doors to U.S. public, private and charter schools.  
Rocky and Joske Malloy live in Panama and continue their expansion of the ministry with the support of their five children.  



  • A Mission Generation textbook in the hands of 10 million students.
  • Every textbook results in in at least salvation.
  • Reduction of truancy, teen pregnancy, poverty, delinquency, vice and disease in the schools working with Mission Generation.
  • Successful identification of at-risk children and connection with the appropriate humanitarian aid.


Please pray that we are in the illuminating presence of the Holy Spirit at all times being lead and protected by Him.

My life verse: Matt 16:15 “…upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it."