1-2-802 IKEDA-CHO, 
OSAKA 530-0033 

TEL: 011-81-6-6352-6056


David Hostetler was a member of Maranatha Chapel for four years before he moved to Japan in 1995 in answer to God's call.

He is employed as an English teacher is Osaka where God gives many opportunities to share his faith with the Japanese who desire to learn our language. David lives in Osaka with his wife Shihoko, and their children Rebecca (9) and Daniel (5).

As part of his outreach to the Japanese, David conducts weddings in the Japanese language for couples desiring a Christian-style wedding. This ministry provides a unique opportunity to present a clear gospel message to wedding guests who usually have not had a chance to attend church. To date he has performed 2,200 weddings with an average attendance of about 60 guests.

David has also taken part in a variety of ministries at his home church in Osaka. These activities have included teaching, translating, new believer discipleship, English Bible study, home fellowship, ushering and gospel choir. The Osaka church has about 600 members and has doubled in size over the last 20 years, Between 50 and 100 of the members are Korean, Chinese, or other non-Japanese nationals, so the church is quite international.

David's wife Shihoko is now conducting ministry among the mothers at their son's kindergarten. Four of them have become Christians and three more are showing interest in the gospel. They meet for Bible studies when possible and Shihoko also sends daily devotion material by e-mail.